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I am Alex Rudi and I am Digital Marketing Nomad

About me

My creativity has been haunting me since childhood. It guided me toward marketing and design. This great, non-Silk Way was difficult and had many challenges. It started in Ukraine, followed by a high school in the capital of Turkmenistan, a period in Siberia came after, then a university in Moscow, years of work as a bartender and constant self-study of marketing. As a result, I managed to enter the profession of digital marketer through the routine role of content manager. My dedication to lifelong learning allowed me to succeed as a digital marketing specialist and now I successfully put all my expertise into practice. I see my future in the marketing and digital industry. I want to apply the knowledge I gained to meaningful projects that benefit people.

PPC advertising
SMM & Targeting
Strategic marketing
Content marketing
E-Mail marketing
Website development
Web Analytics
Graphic design
UX / UI design
Abobe CC
Photo & Videography

My portfoilo

Most marketing cases are difficult to visually demonstrate. Some lack a visual component, while others entail handling sensitive customer data that falls under non-disclosure agreements or might be of interest to competitors. Additionally, some cases necessitate more extensive analytics beyond what the business requires. And at times, revisiting old cases can be less appealing than creating new ones. However, I have something noteworthy to showcase: over 20 website designs and functioning websites developed on WordPress, 2 application prototypes, and a selection of existing design cases.


I am looking for a job in a cool team and an interesting company where I can further develop my skills and leverage my existing expertise. First and foremost, I would like to work in international companies and teams in the Canadian, American, European markets, etc.

If you know any HR, CEO, CMO who are in need of a reliable specialist with broad and deep expertise, please share my CV with them.

My certificates

Continuous self-education is an essential attribute of a marketing specialist. The rapid development of technology requires acquiring new knowledge and applying new technologies to achieve results.