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Digital Marketing
Meta Agency

It’s not a trivial marketing agency,
but these are the real people doing real marketing

Digital generalists

We are a small team that can easily cover all or almost all marketing needs of small and medium businesses.

We simplify and reduce the cost of complex digital marketing for small businesses. There is absolutely no need to hire expensive, narrow specialists to staff a marketing department or search for an agency that can adequately cover the marketing needs of a small business on a tight budget.

When there are friends in digital marketing. That’s us. Imagine you have a trusted friend who is an expert in marketing. Awesome, right? Our goal is to make cooperation as reliable and joyful as friendship.

Pareto principle 80/20

The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. We believe that most small and medium businesses do not need expensive, highly specialized experts with extensive experience in every direction of digital marketing to achieve their goals. To achieve good growth, they just need to increase all the required directions by 80%. And to increase everything by 80%, they need people who can put 20% of their effort into the critical areas and essential tasks.

Our clients

We can not claim to have large and well-known customers. That is not our way. However, we are proud of our reliability and the duration of our relationships with our clients. We can provide their contacts for references on working with us.

Business automation company

The business offers services of automation of businesses, processes, and the implementation of accounting systems. The company has been growing successfully for 11 years. Throughout the collaboration we managed advertising and brought leads to expensive projects, maintained social media, email newsletter, blog and YouTube channel, created 8 websites and landing page and much more.


years of cooperation

Experts in BIM, Photogrammetry and Digital Twins

The company performs laser scanning, photogrammetry, smart city and digital twin projects and also offers licensed software. The company is a gold partner of Bentley System. During our collaboration, we created 6 websites, maintained social media and a YouTube channel, managed advertising and generated leads for expensive projects, and more.


years of cooperation


If you usually doubt the recommendations on the websites, you are right. That is why we will introduce you to any of our referrers if you ask for it.