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Developing of FAQ section which increased organic traffic by 600%

Objective: To find a solution to increase the company’s visibility in the 1C industry and strengthen the brand. Create an opportunity for the flow of free new leads.

Idea: Create a benefit for users in the 1C industry, through the “1C Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Budget – 0
Full-time web programmer
Free hours of 1C specialist


  1. Questions for answers – a solution has been found for quickly collecting popular questions about 1C programs.
  2. Section of the site – a design layout has been created, the structure, logic of the section and basic SEO have been thought out and described, additional functionality has been described, it has been transferred to the web programmer.
  3. Answers to questions – several solutions were considered for creating answers for a section with different speeds of filling the section with content and different resources. Options: Working with a copywriter who knows 1C on a freelance basis, hiring a 1C consultant for project work, creating from 500 to 1000 responses, attracting full-time specialists of the company in low-busy periods. It was decided to attract full-time specialists during free working hours.
  4. The process of creating answers – a table with questions and statuses is organized for joint and independent use by the authors. A template has been created for responses with recommendations on the use of keywords, screenshots, the volume and uniqueness of the text. As a result, the work with the authors is automated as much as possible and does not require explanations and communications.
  5. The process of posting responses – Exchanging and posting responses in packages of 10 pcs., checking the uniqueness, optimizing images and their names, making up responses and sending links to “Page Reindexing” in the webmaster.

Result: The implementation of the FAQ 1C section met expectations. 100 questions were answered and posted for 7 months, considering a slow approach chosen to fill in the section by full-time specialists in their free time from projects. At the time of writing the case, the monthly traffic of the site from search engines, it grew by 600%. To check whether the pages were included in the TOP PS, the names of the questions were taken as keywords, without splitting and doubling. 100 question titles = 100 keywords. The basic frequency of question names (100 pcs) is 9000-10000 per month.

50 pages of 100 are in TOP-3 Yandex Search
88 pages of 100 are in TOP-10 Yandex Search
100 pages of 100 are in TOP-30 Yandex Search
32 pages of 100 are in TOP-3 Google Search
60 pages of 100 are in TOP-10 Google Search
82 pages of 100 are in TOP-30 Google Search