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Timeway – a prototype of a meeting timer calculating the cost of time spent

Unsystematic and unproductive multi-hour meetings can demotivate employees and reduce the efficiency of the working day. Such events prompted me to find a solution for more effective meetings. The idea was based on the parameter of the cost of a meeting. How much will a three-hour meeting with 10 employees with an average salary of 150,000 rubles cost the company? Answer: ~26,000 rubles. Is it expensive? It depends on the result of the meeting: if the result is a mess in the heads, then yes, it is expensive and inefficient. Can this be fixed? Yes, it is necessary.

The meeting timer encourages you to think:

  • About the number of people at the meeting and the exclusion of optional participants.
  • About the need to divide the meeting into several thematic ones
  • About the planning and moderation of the meeting.
  • About time control and following the plan during the meeting.