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Explore, Buy and Resell the NFTs by Some Coffee Face

Investing in digital art has never been more exciting.
Get in on the art party and add a pop of fun to your investment portfolio.

Welcome to NFT Syrens

Dynamic art project that represents a powerful symbol of self-confidence, sensuality, and playfulness. This is a limited collection showcasing the versatility of the spirited and sensual women of the 21st century.

This project will feature 25 illustrations, minted and released on a weekly basis. The NFT Syrens are designed for art collectors, investors, and enthusiasts who appreciate individuality, beauty and playful, sentual side of life. With its bright and humorous nature, the NFT Syrens collection is a reminder to take a step back, smile, and enjoy the simple things. 

Next Drop Count Down

The NFT Syrens collection will feature 25 unique illustrations, with each illustration being minted and available for purchase every week. This weekly release schedule gives art enthusiasts and investors the opportunity to collect and invest in the collection over time. 



  • The price structure is designed to reward early adopters and provide an opportunity for investors to profit from the appreciation of the collection.
  • The floor price is 20 MATIC.
  • The price will increase by 5 MATIC for every 5 illustrations that are minted.

Artist behind the project

I’m Ana, a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for creating beautiful and captivating art. My journey as an artist started with vector portraits, and I quickly learned the ropes by taking on freelance illustration jobs while also working as a business assistant to make ends meet.

Along the way, I realized that graphic design and marketing go hand in hand, so I decided to dive deeper into the world of marketing. I honed my skills in social media, email marketing, community management and content creation during my career.

I am very happy to contribute my experience and skills to the Web3. My goal is not only to show my artwork to the world, but also to share my knowledge and experience with aspiring artists. In this way, I hope to add value and benefit to the NFT world. I share my story on Twitter as events unfold.

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